Items We dont Take

Junk Items We Don’t Take

It is not true that we take all kinds of junk in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, and Ajman. Some items have their specific disposal system that need to be managed individually by the client. Those junk items are also commonly referred to as hazardous junk. The reason our 800 JUNK Dubai and Junk Removal Dubai Company don’t collect them is that our junk removal doesn’t want these types of items to mix with the other items we haul.

Many of the hazardous items are of the liquid mixture and so if they spilled in our Remove My Junk truck then not only would we not be able to properly dispose of or donate any other junk items but our truck would need a major clean down.

List of items that we don’t take:

 Garbage waste

 Oil drums
 Oil and Fuel tanks