Fast & Reliable Junk Removal Dubai Services

Our Junk Removal Dubai (Take My Junk Dubai) Team offers fast and reliable junk removal services for residential and commercial customers in Dubai, Ajman, Abu Dhabi, and Sharjah. is one of the first names that comes to mind when thinking about free junk removal services in Dubai. If you’re thinking how do I get rid of junk in my area? then look no further than our Junk removal Dubai.

Whether you are relocating your company, decluttering your home, or renovating, before you move in, you can benefit from our efficient, reliable, and free junk removal Dubai services.

We provide junk removal services for both residential and commercial. Like Junk Furniture Removal, Appliance Removal, Old TV Removal, Washing Machines, Refrigerator/Fridge, etc. is a local, reliable rubbish removal Dubai specializing in commercial & residential junk collection. For years, we have been helping our clients to dispose of old furniture and junk rubbish in a responsible, and environmentally friendly manner.

3 Steps of Junk Collection Dubai

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Junk Removal UAE - Free Take My Junk Dubai

How to Get Rid of Junk in Dubai?

Just Give Us Call

Simply give us a call on +971 50 891 1914 – our junk removal Dubai team will get back to you in a shortly.

Get a Free Quote & Services

Our quote & junk removal services are free. Only in some cases we charge small amount in terms of labour costs and other expenses.

Take My Junk Dubai Contact Number +971 50 891 1914

Our junk removal UAE services provide an easy solution for clearing out junk, hauling away trash and dispose of old furniture. If your home, office, hotel, or school needs to get rid of old furniture, tables, chairs, appliances, fridges, AC, scrap, etc. please call on Take My Junk Dubai Contact Number +971 50 891 1914.

You can also search for us on Google by just typing free junk removal, junk pick up, take my junk for free, junk removal UAE, junk collection Dubai, or just by famous "Take My Junk Dubai" phrase. 

Why Choose Us as Your Junk Removal Dubai


You can depend on us to get reliable and prompt junk removal in Dubai.​ When you need to de-clutter in an organized way and search for take my junk Dubai, we are the people to call.​​


Each Take My Junk UAE team member is trained to make sure your junk is removed quickly and efficiently. You point out the junk, we remove it. It’s that easy.​

  Respectful Service

We assure you that our junk collection Dubai services will be on time. We respect your time and belongings. You only need to say us remove my junk or take my junk, that’s it.

  Free Junk Removal

Mostly we provide junk removal UAE services for free but sometimes we have to charge you a small fee. It is based on weight & volume & includes labor, travel, transport, & disposal or recycling.

Home Junk Removal

We are a professional junk removal in Dubai that specializes in home junk removal services across the UAE. When it comes to home junk removal, Our Take My Junk UAE Team can handle tasks of any size, whether it is large junk or small. We are experts to take away your old furniture, sofa sets, beds, and other clutter. Our movers in Dubai can also handle all your home furniture and appliance removal needs

 Appliance Removal  Junk Furniture Removal  Bulk Trash Removal  Couch Removal  Mattress Removal  Old Toys  Exercise Equipment  Yard Waste  Old Carpeting & Flooring  Abandoned Items

Office Junk Removal

If you’re looking for an office junk removal in Dubai, you’ve come to the right place. We are experienced in office and commercial junk removal. We specialize in helping businesses & offices get rid of old unwanted or broken furniture, fixtures, carpet, partitions, cubicles, and other bulky waste. Our remove my junk services are the fastest way to clean out your office space and make room for new projects. Take My Junk UAE handle it all.

 Old Conference Table  Junk Furniture Removal  Metal Shelving   Display Cases  Receptionist Desks  Old Computers & Printers  Networking Equipment  Copy Machines

Our Take My Junk Dubai services are available across the UAE

You can depend on Take My Junk UAE to get fast, reliable, and free Junk removal in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Ajman, Sharjah, Al Ain, Ras Al Khaimah and all across the UAE. When you need to dispose of old furniture in Dubai or junk items in an organized way, Take My Junk Dubai is here to help.

 Take My Junk Dubai

Want to get rid of junk in Dubai? Looking for ways to get rid of unwanted furniture in Dubai? or just need a Take My Junk Dubai service to remove all your rubbish? Look no further than our Junk Removal. We proudly serve all of Dubai. Our take my junk team strives to provide the best junk rubbish & furniture removal in Dubai. We collect junk from anywhere in Dubai! Including;

 Oud Mehta   JVC   Downtown Dubai   Business Bay   Jumeirah   JBR   Dubai Marina   JLT   Palm Jumeirah etc.

 Take My Junk Abu Dhabi

Don’t have an idea how to get rid of furniture in Abu Dhabi? Want to get rid of junk in Abu Dhabi to make some space at your home? Contact our Take My Junk Abu Dhabi team for the best, fast, and free junk removal Abu Dhabi service to get rid of junk items and old furniture. We serve both residential and commercial clients in all of Abu Dhabi including;

 Khalifa City A & B   Al Raha   Al Reef area   Abu Dhabi City   Mussafah   Mohamed bin Zayed City   Delma st etc.

 Take My Junk Sharjah

Want to know what is the best way to get rid of junk in your home? or looking for ways to get rid of junk furniture and other stuff for free in Sharjah? The answer to these questions is hiring our junk removal Sharjah services. We are the best and most reliable source of Take My Junk Sharjah. Our team of experts and professionals covers almost all the Sharjah. List of a few well-known places our Take My Junk UAE serves in Sharjah;

 Al Khan   Buhrairah Corniche   Al Majaz   Al Nahda   Al Wahda   Rolla   Al Jubail   King Faisal Street   Abu Shaqara   Al Qasimia   Al Taawun  Rolla etc.

 Take My Junk Ajman

Want to know how to get rid of old sofas, beds, and mattresses in Ajman? or looking for ways to get rid of old washing machines, AC, fridges, and old TV for free in Ajman? The solution to these queries is hiring our junk removal Ajman services. We are the best and most reliable source of Take My Junk Ajman. Our team of professionals and specialists covers almost all the Ajman including;

 Ajman Industrial Area   Free Zone   Al Bustan   Al Butain   Al Jurf   Al Hamidiya   Al Hamriya   Al Mushairef   Al Muwayhat   Al Naemiyah   Al Rashidiya   Al Rumailah etc.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get rid of junk in my area? is a professional Junk Removal Company. We do a large and bulk junk removal service across the UAE. Call or WhatsApp us at +971 50 891 1914 to get rid of junk in your area.

What does your take my junk take?

Our take my junk takes the following junk items;

  • Old Beds & Mattresses
  • Home & Office Furniture
  • Wardrobes, Cabinets
  • Couches/ Sofas
  • Baby Furniture
  • Chairs, Tables, Bookcases, Desks
  • Appliances
  • Carpets
  • Scrap Metal

What can you do with junk items?

It depends on what you have. We will take some items to our warehouse and then either sell them at a low price or donate them to charity or discard them.

Do you also buy used furniture in UAE?

Yes, we also buy and sell used furniture in Dubai, Ajman, Sharjah, Abu Dhabi, and all across the UAE. Call or WhatsApp us at +971 50 891 1914

Do you also provide moving services in UAE?

Our main services are residential and commercial junk removal. But we also have a team of professionals and expert movers and packers in UAE. Call or WhatsApp us at +971 50 891 1914